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Thousand of them have put trust and hope in us.
Dr. Klodian ALLAJBEUPatients come to American Hospital expecting the best that medicine has to offer. Patients and their families call American Hospital a place of caring, confidence and hope, the ultimate in medical care, a light at the end of the tunnel.

The trust and hope thousands of patients have placed in our hospital says a lot about us. It says a lot about the reputation that has been built over 3 years by the many individual swho have contributed to American Hospitals success. And it also says a lot about the expectations we need to live up to each time a patient comes through our doors.

Providing the highest-quality care means meeting the needs of each and every patient and putting in place the most efficient systems and technology in support of our clinical care. It also means reaching wherever you are needed and advancing medicine through research and education.

American Hospital staff members continuously work to improve the quality of our care, improve our systems, and improve the service we provide. It is the quality of our staff and the highest technology that ultimately makes the difference in the quality of our care.

Klodian ALLAJBEU, M.D.
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