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AH in Press

Overall, we were very pleased with the hospital and its service. The staff was excellent- very kind and ready to attend to all requests.
The hospital itself was pleasant. It was very clean and the patient rooms were wonderful. We really appreciated the privacy and comfort that was extended even to a family member spending the night.
It was a real pleasure to find a medical facility of such quality in Albania. You can be sure that this will be car first choice should any needs arise in the future
Thank you very much   

Anne Darvall

The doctors and nurses are wonderful and I have had marvelous care and treatment.
Thank you all very, very much.
You are all so very kind are caring.

Anne Darvall.


I love the nurses they are all angels!
The doctors are nice. Hospital room is always clean.
So Im a happy patient.
Thank you all for your hard work and professional care.

Tomas  (the tattoo boy).

Udi Efrat
Hello Dr. Raif Cavolli,

One of the doctors told me to check my improvement comparing it to the previous week - meaning not check it by every day, therefore, I've waited a week and only today, a week after I left Albania, I'm writing. The flight was very comfortable; aboard the plane were two pilots, a cardiologist, a paramedic, my son and I. When I landed after three hours a surprise was waiting for me as my wife and daughter where there on the runway. The ambulance took me straight to the hospital in Jerusalem, there I stayed until Monday. On Monday I came back to my new reconstructed house. It fitted well; a fixed man came to a fixed house.

Today, a week after leaving Albania, I feel a lot better; the wounds on the legs and chest are starting to cure. I walk more then before, I sit, I read and soon my wife would ask me to wash the dishes.

I must mention the amazing medical treatment I was given by you, all the doctors that examined me here in Israel, and they were not a few, whether cardiologists or whether E.R doctors, they all praised the professional work that was done by you in Albania, and after checking the results of the tests and the material you sent them, only then they understood how bad my condition was, and how fortunate I was to end up in your hands at the American hospital in Tirana.

In addition, the doctors and the nurses in Israel cannot appreciate what my brother, son and me can, which is the warm attitude and the devoted care I was privileged to receive, a strange Israeli who had a heart attack in a strange country and was treated at the best quality hospital that is hard to find even in the western modern countries. Even though, you were the only one who spoke English, it didn't bother the rest of the doctors and the nurses to do what ever possible to provide me with the best treatment one can get.
Once again, thank you for everything you and the staff of American Hospital of Albania had done for me,

Me and my family thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Udi Efrat
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