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The Eye Centre at the American Hospital, Last Word Technology
American Eye center

Theonly ophthalmologic centre in Albania that offers the latest technologyservices attracts numerous patients from in and out of the country.

Currently,the Eye Centre at the American Hospital provides the widest range ofexaminations and surgical procedures for a modern ophthalmological clinic.

Thecentre provides services for children and adults and treats all the eyepathologies and it has become a point of reference in Albania and in the region.With a staff of 6 members who are trained in different fields of expertise, theAmerican Hospital Eye Centre has performed for the first time many newprocedures, such as vision correction by laser, cataract surgery withphacoemulsification, the transplant of cornea, the keratoconus treatment, thevitreo-retinal surgery, etc.


Amedical staff composed of local and foreign experts conducts every patienttreatment and intervention with high professionalism and responsibility.

Accordingto Dr. Ismail Halilit, the Eye Centre at the American Hospital has successfullyengaged in the most difficult surgery procedures, such as that involving thecataract and retina and has used the most up-to-date methodologies and equipmentfor the vision correction treatment by Lasik/Lasek.

Likewise,it is since two months that such a centre has performed many successfulvitreo-retinal interventions among local and foreign patients.

Prof.Dr. Ahmet Maden says he is quite happy that such medical advanced technology,especially the eye-related one, is now so close to the Albanian patients.

Iam happy to collaborate with the ophthalmologic centre at the AmericanHospital, together with a staff of six professional and trained doctors. Here,we perform interventions that are quite recent in the field of ophthalmology,such as vitreo-retinal transplants, surgery of the retina and other traumas ofthe posterior chamber of the eye.


The Eye Centre of the American Hospitalcollaborates with an international academic staff and it has grown to be acentre of reference not only in Albania, but also in the region.

Spitali Amerikan KosovFounded in 2006, the American Hospital marked the first cornerstone of the private hospital service in Albania. The hospital started work with a team of 72 medical doctors, nurses and workers graduated or trained in Albania, Europe, Turkey and the United States and it counts now 700 workers who show greater experience and commitment.
In its early activities the Hospital focused on patients with cardiac issues from across Albania and the region. Currently, the hospital counts 2,300 patients who have been undergoing successful heart surgery treatment.

Three years ago, in March 2008, the American Hospital increased the range of its services through the establishment of a polyclinic with 24 specialties which has assisted more than 120,000 patients until early 2012. The increased number of specialties enabled the Hospital to build new cooperation bridges with prestigious universities in the field of medicine, such as AKAHA in Vienna, Ankara University and others that proved useful in exchanging both professional and academic experience.

By November 2009, the American Medical Center in Fier was added to the group, whereas by February 2010, another such American Medical Center was established in Durres. Based in two of the biggest cities of Albania, both centers have served as a reference in terms of medical diagnosis and imagery and have further contributed to reduce the burden of patients under hemodialysis, who now receive such service closer to their places of residence.

March 2011 marked the opening of the American Hospital 2, the biggest investment of the groups shareholders in Albania. The American Hospital 2 has focused its activity in pregnancy and birth, gynecological surgery, general surgery, orthopedics, urology and plastic surgery. These, however, are not the only fields of activity. One of the biggest advantages, which makes also a significant part of the new investment, is the Reproductive Health and InVitro Fertilization Centre that is equipped with the first and only Andrology-Embryology Laboratory in Albania.

And we do not stop here... After providing distant services to thousands of Kosovar patients, time came to be present in Kosovo as well, with a well-equipped hospital facility, since March 2012.


The newest serious and very important investment of the American Hospital is the American Hospital facility in Prishtina, Kosovo.

The facility is located in Prishtinas suburb, Hajvali. The four-storey building has been built on an area of 3000 m2 and counts 30 beds, 3 surgery theatres, 2 delivery rooms, 2 suite rooms (VIP) and the most advanced medical equipment that will be to the service of patients. The Prishtina-based American Hospital is a general medical facility that provides most of its services on a 24/7 basis, including Surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Neonatology, Urology, ORL, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery 24h ER, as well as all the supporting services (laboratory, imagery, pathology etc). The hospital has a staff of 100 local and international specialized medical workers who try  to offer high-quality health services focused on the patients health and well-being by making use of the most advanced medical technology and international medical protocols,.

The American Hospital of Kosovo is part of the American Hospitals network that has been successfully operating in Albania since five years and has offered treatment to many citizens from Kosovo.

Kosovos American Hospital is an investment of the Bedminster Capital Management Fund, which is a New York-based investment fund that includes the Government of the United States of America represented by the Overseas Private Investments Corporation (OPIC), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and various private US citizens.



285,000 registered patients
10,200 in-house patients
40 mln investment
26 departments
130 beds
28 reanimation beds
700 workers

20,000 m of surface area
8 surgery theaters
12 suite rooms
64 hemodialysis beds
24-hour emergency service
4 ambulances
1 air-ambulance duty helicopter


What are stem cells?
The human body contains more than 200 types of mature cells, each of which hasa distinct and specialized function. Whether they are heart muscle cells thatbeat rhythmically or red blood cells that deliver oxygen to all the parts ofthe body, all these specialized working cells have a specific role to play.
Stem cells are quite different from our working mature cells, as they not onlyhave an impressive ability to self-renewal but also to replenish new tissuewhen they divide and grow. The discovery of stem cells has been one of the mostexcellent achievements of modern medicine. Stem cells play a fundamental rolein the post-conception development stage of the human body.  Their ability to produce various types ofspecialized cells makes them unique and powerful for the medical therapy thatwill follow in the during life.

Cryo- Save, our trusted partner!

On basis of an agreement between the American Hospital and Cryo-Save, theformer provides a specialized service in the field of Obstetrics Gynecology.
A leading stem cell bank in Europe, Cryo-Save is a seal of guarantee for its "CryoCord"services and offers the highest quality standards in terms of transport,preparation and safety of the stored umbilical cord blood of your child.

Why choose Cryo Save?

- Very close to you. Founded in 2000 and based in the Netherlands, the companyoperates in 43 countries across three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) andit has finally come to Albania.

- Focus on quality. Cryo-Save guarantees the highest quality standards in termsof transport, preparation and safety of the deposited umbilical cord blood ofyour child.

- Medical expertise. Thanks to a network of dedicated medical experts whosupport this activity and with the strong belief that umbilical cord blood stemcells will give a significant boost to the treatment of an increasing number ofdiseases in the near future.

- International accreditation and certification. Cryo-Save with itslaboratories has to meet or exceed the applicable legal standards at thenational level in this industry which is subject to strong legal regulations.

- Favorable prices. Thanks to an agreement with the American Hospital, you maybenefit now from the storage of the umbilical cord blood of your child athighly favorable prices. For more information, you can contact us at thetelephone number 042366663 Gynecology and Obstetrics Department.

For more information, visit


Tirana 15 December 2011            

In December 2006, THE AMERICAN HOSPITAL opened its doors with anambitious promise and high responsibility: diagnose and treat Albanian patientswith the highest standards of modern medicine.

This wise, well-considered and highly ambitious investment focused initially onthe cardiology and cardiac surgery. The American Hospital patients carestarted from the heart. The performance for the first time of thecoronarography and revascularization of coronary artery procedures marked oneof the indisputable achievements of the cardiac surgery team. Since 5 years,every type of cardiopathy, including congenital failures of the valve system,the aorta and bypass surgeries, ascending aorta, the carotid and femoralarteries, has been successfully treated by the talented team of Prof. NeyyirTuncay Eren and his collaborators.

Today, after an intensive work of five years, the American Hospital, located inan area of 17,000 m2, has not only been recognized as the first and mostoutstanding private health institution, but also as the place where many challenges of the modern medicine havebeen addressed for the first time.

On the eve of its first anniversary, the American Hospital took the nextchallenge for the Albanian medicine the kidney transplant. Currently,the hospital counts a number of 55 successful transplants conducted by our teamof surgeons and three hemodialysis centers of 55 beds, being, thus, the onlymedical facility focused on the treatment of patients with renal insufficiency.

In May 2009, the American Hospitals Group expanded with the Fier American Medical Center and,by February 2010, DurresAmerican Medical Center was established. These two medical facilitiesthat are located in two of the countrys main cities not only serve asreference centers of diagnostics and imagery, but they have also reducedsignificantly the burden of patients with hemodialysis, who can benefit fromthis service closer to their places of residence.

The Central Laboratory, which has the widest range of laboratory tests conductedin Albania up to now, is one of the key contributors to the five-year successof this hospital. Counting more than 760 biochemical, microbiologic, immunology,histopathology laboratory test, etc., the American Hospital laboratory is thefirst and only facility of its kind that has been certified with the higheststandard in this field: ISO 15189.

The Ophthalmology Centre is another serious investment by theAmerican Hospital that offers to all the patients in the region treatment withlaser refractive surgery and addresses problems of the cataract, glaucoma,retina etc. A front runner in all the eye treatments for children and adults, thanksto its professional team, this is the only centre that undertakes the corneatransplant in the country.

The Advanced Imagery Centre hasplayed a particular role in the diagnostic and research activity of the medicalexperts of the American Hospital. Thanks to its latest equipment which isunique in Albania and the region and to its 24-hour service, this centreenables accurate diagnosis within the shortest time possible, providingparticular support to the oncology, surgery and orthopedics teams, etc.

The fruitful collaboration between the medical team of the American Hospitaland Vienna University by November 2009 made a reality of the dream of manychildren with permanent hearing failure. The Cochlear Implant, supportedby the Ministry of Health, has been successfully carried out on dozens ofchildren of different age groups, who have now acquired their hearing abilitiesand are a normal part of society.

At least 650 workers and 24 departments offer their services 24 hours a day in 8surgery theaters and with 130 beds. A highly active ER service of both Tirana-based hospitals has treated thousandspatients in years, who now consider the American Hospital as the right door to knockon for cardiac, pediatric, orthopedic emergencies, and beyond.

The continuous expansion of the American Hospitals Group marked a new milestonewith its newest and most ambitious investment of March 2011: the secondhospital in Tirana.
The entirely new building raised on an area of 6000 m2 is the biggestinvestment of the shareholders of Bedminster Allajbeu Group. Certified forits quality management since its first steps, the American Hospital 2 hasfocused its activity mainly on pregnancy and birth, pediatrics, neonatology,gynecologic surgery, orthopedics, urology and plastic surgery. And this is noteverything... One of our strongest achievements and a significant part of thenew investment is the Reproductive and InVitro Fertilization Centre, whichhas the first and only Andrology-Embryology Laboratory in Albania of thesedimensions and with such a modern technological support.

And we do not stop here... After treating thousands of Kosovar patients indistance, time has come to be present in Kosovo with a well-equipped hospitalfacility that will open doors in the first months of 2012.

Today, after five years, the hospital counts 115,000 registered patients and wetry to hear their voice and meet their demands one by one.

The high number of patients, the trust and hope they have placed in ourhospital, says a lot about us. It says a lot of the reputation that has beenbuilt in five years of activity by a hard-working team. It says a lot about theexpectations we have to live up to everyday in order to justify the trust ofthose who have chosen us.

Being a leader that sets standards at a national scale and beyond means youhave to meet the needs of every and each patient and provide them with the mostefficient system and technology that support our professional staff. It alsomeans that we always have to be step ahead and never cease to improve andadvance medicine through research and education.

American Hospital staff members continuously work to improve the quality of ourcare. It is the quality of our staff and the technology of the higheststandards that ultimately makes the difference in our care.

Facts and figures of the American Hospital:
115,000 patients
4 hospitals
an investment worth Euro 40 million
24 departments
facilities on an area of 17,000 m2
655 workers in Tirana, Durres, Fier
8300 surgical procedures
130 beds
8 surgery theaters 

Lung Cancer
(Early diagnosis saves life!)

Lung cancer is one of the most important health problems in our country and all over the world...
Lungcancer is in the first rank of cancer related deaths for both males andfemales. In the developped countries each year the number of peopledying from lung cancer is more than the total number of people dyingfrom breast, prostate, colon and pancreas cancer.  

Lung cancer is the most mortal cancer with a known etiology!
Lungcancers behaviour is more aggressive when compared to many othercancers. Especially in advanced stage it can spread to local vitalorgans within the chest like trachea (windpipe), heart, great vessels,esophagus etc. It can also show hematogenous spread to distant organslike liver, other lung, bones, brain etc.  
Lung cancer developsin a silent way and it may not give any symptom for a long period. (Thespongy lung tissue does not contain pain nerve endings. Thats why manypatients do not feel pain.)

Most of the symptoms like cough,breathing difficulties and wheezing are also in people who smoke, sothey are considered as normal. That makes people go late to thedoctor, so that the early diagnosis can not be made. 

A plain chest x-ray and sputum examination can not diagnose a cancer at its early stage. 

In the developped countries important laboratory and radiologic methodsto screen early cancer are not being used even in the high risk groupbecause of cost efficiency. 

Lung cancer and smoking...
Smokingis the most important known cause of lung cancer. If you are stillsmoking these are some reasons why you should stop smoking;

There are nearly 4000 noxious substances found in smoke. 50 of these are proved to be cancerogenic (causing cancer).

20% of people who smoke (one out of every five persons!) will bediagnosed of lung cancer sometime in their lives. Those who smoke onepack per day have 13 times more increased risk for lung cancer comparedto nonsmokers. 

Smoking period and number of packs per dayincrease the cancer risk. If you stop smoking the risk of cancerdecreases each year that passes without smoking even if in heavysmokers this risk is never eliminated. 

In passive smokers(those that stay in closed places with the ones who smoke) the cancerrisk is 2 times more than nonsmokers. Thats why in developpedcountries there are important laws regarding to smoking in publicplaces. 

Smoking is dangerous for heart and blood vessels. Italso effects lung and bronchi causing irreversible diseases likechronic bronchitis and emphysema. Those diseases cause breathingdifficulties and decrease the exercise capacity. For this reasonsurgery sometimes can not be performed even in early lung cancer.

Lung cancer and other reasons...
Noteveryone that smokes will have lung cancer in the future. Lung cancermay develop in nonsmokers as well because of other reasons. Let us seesome examples:
My grandfather used to smoke 3 packs per day, buthe died when he was 95 years old. Such examples should not be used tomake smoking as a famous nondangerous thing.  

He neversmoked but he was diagnosed of lung cancer. Do not forget that despitesmoking there are other cancerogenic factors like radiation, chemicalsubstances and fuel products. Genetic predisposition is anotherimportant risk factor. 

Nonsmokers who have family history forlung cancer are at increased risk. The tests that show the geneticpredisposition are not available yet. 

What are the initial symptoms of lung cancer?
Thereare very different symptoms of lung cancer. These symptoms are seen inother diseases as well. Sometimes radiologic methods can detect anearly lung cancer. 

If you have any of these symptoms do not hesitate to contact with a chest physician. Do not forget, early diagnosis saves life!

Symptoms seen frequently:
Unresolved cough 
Change in cough character
Breathing difficulties and/or wheezing
Blood in sputum 
Signs of pneumonia: Sputum with bad odor, change in color of sputum, temperature, fatigue, loss of apetite, weight loss.
Chest pain, back pain
Symptoms seen rarely:
Change in voice character
Difficulty in swallowing food
Drop of eyelid

How can we diagnose lung cancer early?
Stageof disease is the most important factor that effects treatment success.The disease has four stages. Stage one and stage two are consideredearly stages. They can be treated with an appropriate treatment. Themost important diagnostic tool for early stage lung cancer ismultidedector computed tomography (MDCT). 
This MDCT takes only 20 seconds. It gives detailed information for suspected lesion by performing 3-dimensional images. 

People over 40 years old who smoke one pack per year for at least 10years have 3% risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer by screeningperformed with this method.

A nodule is a small mass < 3 cmthat can be detected by the imaging techniques. Every nodule is not acancer. In suspected lesions a biopsy should be performed. The methodsthat can be used for biopsy are:
Needle aspiration biopsy (the needle passes through the chest wall)
Video-Bronchoscopy (we can look inside the airways by using a camera)
Mediastinoscopy (to take a sample from the lymph nodes around the windpipe)
Video-Thoracoscopy (we can look into the chest cavity by using a camera) 

How can we stage the disease?
After making the diagnosis we need to stage the disease before treatment. We can use some other diagnostic methods like:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (for chest, brain)
Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Bone scintigraphy
Staging mediastinoscopy (sampling of lymph nodes) 

What is the treatment for lung cancer? 
Surgeryis the only effective treatment that prolongs survival for all patientswho have lung cancer of the first or second stage and some of theselected patients of the third stage. The mass can be removed with thesurrounding lung tissue by surgery. The most frequent operationsperformed for this pupose are:
Lobectomy: Removing one part of the lung.
Pneumonectomy: Removing the whole right or left lung. 

Video-thoracoscopyis nowadays a frequently used procedure. It makes possible to lookwithin the chest cavity by using a camera. The patient has less painafter the procedure and the hospitalization duration is decreased.
Stagefour is an advanced stage. The surgical interventions applied for thisstage are usually supportive. They are performed to improve the qualityof life. These are some examples:
The procedures performed in order to remove the fluid within the chest cavity and to prevent recurrence;
o Removing the fluid by catheter or chest tube
o Making a by-pass between chest cavity and abdomen (shunt)
o Introducing a chemical irritant into the pleural space in order to close off the space between pleural layers
o Removing parietal pleural layer

The procedures to open the airways if there is obstruction;
o Electrocauterization
o Radiofrequency (RF)
o Cryotherapy
o Tracheo-bronchial Stent 

Thetumor can not be removed completely in these patients so they need drugtherapy (chemotherapy) and/or radiotherapy. These treatments can beused in some patients before or after the surgery. 

How will my quality of life be after the operation?
Will the rest of my lung be enough for me?
Thepurpose of surgery is to remove completely the tumor and make thepatient live a comfortable life with an appropriate breathing andexercise capacity. The patient should be prepared before the surgery inorder to decrease complications. These are some of the tests performed:
Spirometry (SFT)
Arterial blood gases
6-meter walking test
Perfusion scintigrafy
Diffusion capacity
Oxygen consumption 
Koronary angiography

Keep away from smoking!

Ifyou smoke or have any other risk factor for lung cancer do not hesitateto come to the doctor whenever you have a respiratory symptom!

Donot believe sayings like Cancer should not be touched with knife! Thetruth is: The knife should not be used for all types of cancer. 

So leave us make this decision together by using the modern medical technology according to the latest clinical researches.
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